About this blog…

Hey everyone! If you are visiting this blog, then you know that I’m still trying to work out the kinks that are associated with setting up a new blog. Thank you for visiting, praying for us, and loving on us.

There are a few reasons I set up this blog:

1. It provides an easy way to share with close family and friends a detailed look into our adventures overseas.  With time differences, distance, and just the busyness that comes with life, we wanted to have an easy way to share with you all what we are up to.

2. A second reason is that we need a way to easily share this information, but have the technical tools to keep it password protected.  Keep in mind, there is certainly nothing secretive about what we are doing overseas. However, for safety purposes and to maintain some privacy, we wanted to keep our updates protected.  If you don’t already have our password, send me an email or message, and I will be happy to share that information with you.

3. Finally, we will probably have days that we will need some encouragement. We will love reading each of your comments, and also knowing that we have you guys praying for us wherever you are. So thank you in advance.  We would be lost without the incredible support system we have. We love each of you so much.

One thought on “About this blog…

  1. I so love reading about your adventures. I think Emma’s personality is typical for an almost 2 year old and sounds like she is becoming very independent and that is such a Lopez trait. Kellen was like that and Presley is so much like that..don’t you just love the word NO!!! I am so glad we can keep in touch this way and I feel we will probably talk more now then when you were all living in Ok..funny how that is!! Love you all…take care and get your rest whenever possible!!!


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