Gluten-Free Recipes: Brazillian Cheese Bread

I learned how to make these from a friend of ours who is a native Brazillian. They are SO YUMMY and happen to be gluten free! They are awesome because I can make a batch, roll them into balls and stick them in the freezer. Then whenever we want to eat them, we stick a few in the toaster oven and they are a perfect compliment to many dinners. They are also a really great option for taking to parties or potlucks. They have a unqiue savory flavor and are somewhat bite-sized.

1. In a saucepan, bring the following to a boil:

300ml milk
100ml oil

You want to watch it closely. You heat it until it just starts bubbling/boiling and then you remove it from the heat. Give it a minute to settle down before you will pour it very slowly into the tapioca flour.

2. In my mixer, I have one bag of Bob Red Mill’s Tapioca Flour ready to go. I use the typical white paddle attachment. I slowly pour in the liquid from above. You blend it and it should be the consistency of playdough.  If it isn’t pliable and is too “mushy” then you added too much liquid. If it is still broken up or powdery, then add a little more milk.

3. After you mix the tapioca flour you want to let it cool just enough to not cook egg in it when the egg is mixed in. I think like 5 minutes is normal.

4. You will add 1 egg and mix, followed with 2 small bags of cheese. Then, add the 2nd egg and mix with 1 large bag of cheese.

Knead (or mix with the mixer) until all the ingredients are mixed in and the dough is not sticky. The longer you knead the better. The cheese you added should essentially have dissolved and be unnoticeable.

Roll them into balls the size of golf balls. I think I can easily make 30-50 of these per recipe.

Cook them at 350 until golden brown (usually 10-12 minutes). Freeze the rest. When I take the out of the freezer and put them straight into the toaster oven, the only difference is that it takes a little longer to cook. Sometimes I flip them half way when they are frozen. Be sure to spray pam on your cookie sheet or use wax paper.


These flattened out a little bit but you get the idea. I put them on a mini plate and realized it totally messes up the sizing because the mini plate looks no different than a large plate, LOL. So I threw a strawberry on there to help you guage it.

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